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Vito Vece, PhD

Synthetic Chemistry

Vito Vece is a Senior Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working in the Department of Chemistry. Vito has a rich academic background, earning his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Nice, France,

He has worked as a Post-Doc in various esteemed institutions, including the University of Montreal, the University of Lyon, and the University of Milan.

Vito's research focuses on the total synthesis of complex alkaloid natural products, medicinal chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, and the development of new supported palladium catalysts. Throughout his career, Vito has accumulated valuable experience in different research projects, making significant contributions to the field of chemistry.

He has collaborated on the synthesis of derivatized bulky porphyrins for DSSC applications, the development of novel α-carboline inhibitors, and the synthesis of new etherocyclic systems by means of multicomponent reactions. Vito has been acknowledged in numerous publications and has presented his work at various international scientific meetings and conferences.

Vito Vece, PhD
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