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Innovative Chemistry Platform Generating Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases

First-in-class small molecules modulating three complementary upstream mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration

Our Trojan Horse

Ilios is the ancient name of Troy. Our Trojan Horse delivers multi-targeted drugs to the brain to combat neurodegeneration.

Small Molecules

Modulating three complementary mechanisms: brain inflammation, oxidative stress, and the aggregation of selected misfolded proteins 

Novel Chemistry, Validated Agents

Merging privileged bioactive pharmacophores with glutathione and fatty acids to create proprietary New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

Intelligent Drug Discovery

Utilizing a machine learning trained model and our own library to screen through millions of permutations 


Facilitating rational design of treatments for ALS, Frontotemporal Dementia, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's Disease

Novel approach to neurodegeneration

Target multiple complementary mechanisms with a single drug 

First in class small molecules optimized to target three upstream pathways that play a key role in the neurodegenerative cascade: misfolded protein disaggregation, brain inflammation and oxidative stress

Synergistic activity in rationally designed NCEs merging validated naturally occurring ligands

Our modular chemistry platform merges bioactive pharmacophores with Glutathione and Fatty Acids to create New Chemical Entities (NCEs). These are designed to synergistically modulate multiple mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration   

Delivering superior molecules using an innovative med-chem approach
  • Abundance of pre-clinical and clinical data demonstrate the biological activity of natural ligands

  • Benefits of nature-derived bioactive compounds
    ✓ Superior drug-like properties: stability and oral bioavailability
    ✓ Increased lipophilicity for enhanced cell penetration
    ✓ Reduced toxicity and improved safety profile

Our first indication is ALS-FTD
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